Micro-Pigmentation Los Angeles: Restoring Confidence for Men and Women

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Micro-Pigmentation Los Angeles: Get Hollywood Glam
Los Angeles is often regarded as a worldwide leader in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Micro-pigmentation, also called permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing is the process of implanting color pigment beneath the top layer of the skin via a disposable needle similar to a tattoo. But unlike a tattoo, the intention is to create a subtle enhancement of facial features that look as natural as possible. The result of micro-pigmentation is comparable to professionally applied makeup that will stay on day into night and even when you sweat.
Micro-pigmentation is ideal for individuals with:
  • An active lifestyle
  • Allergies to conventional makeup
  • A visual impairment
  • Sparse or light eyebrows
  • Receding hairline
  • A fading lip line
  • Unsteady or arthritic hands
No longer just a privilege of the rich and famous, the latest techniques in micro-pigmentationcan help anyone enjoy the confidence that comes along with looking great.
Bring Out Your Star Qualities
The goal of micro-pigmentation procedures is to enhance facial features. Some of the most common procedures performed are:
  • Eyeliner – This procedure involves applying pigment in a thin line along your eyelid, where conventional eyeliner would be applied. Depending on preference, the micro-pigmentation can be applied in a continuous line, a faintly smudged smoky line, or as a series of close dots.
  • Eyebrows – Through customized shaping designed according to the shape of the client's face and bone structure, micro-pigmentation can replace eyebrows that have lost their fullness or add definition to existing eyebrows. In the absence of hair, eyebrows can be completely reconstructed. A few hair strokes may be added to create a look of fullness to sparse areas.
  • Lip – Natural lip lines can be corrected or enhanced for asymmetries in shape, color and size, or to create the appearance of a more defined lip line. Full lip color micro-pigmentation combines permanent lip liner with permanent lipstick to make it appear that you are always wearing a fresh coat of lipstick.
  • Color correction and camouflages– Micro-pigmentation is often used to correct faded and undesired coloring on the skin resulting from birth marks, burns, post operation scars, and other conditions that cause the skin to appear patchy.
Not all Micro-pigmentation Technicians are Created Equal
In Los Angeles, licensing is not required to perform micro-pigmentation procedures and there are several salons that may claim proper technique when in fact this might not be the case. The best way to maximize your results and minimize any risks is to select a qualified micro-pigmentation technician. Some things to look for include:
  • Where they trained and ask to see any certificates of training. One of the largest and most respected bodies is the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals and assures that the technician has been appropriately trained.
  • Look through the technician's portfolio to make sure their work reflects your own cosmetic style.
  • Sterilization Techniques. The most advanced techniques in sterilization such as the Nouveau Contour, the Intelligent Machine, and the Digital 1000 incorporate a special needle design so that no fluids can seep back through the stem.
Micro-pigmentation Los Angeles makes it possible to wake up each morning and not have to put on any makeup.
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